ZüriCan – Study on the regulated sale of cannabis in the city of Zurich

This study will investigate the extent to which regulated sale, supplemented by advice, can enhance both knowledge and behaviour in respect of the lower-risk forms of cannabis, and whether this can be implemented.

It will also focus on the comparative investigation of the health effects of regulated cannabis sale on cannabis consumers based on three different types of supply points. A total of 21 supply points were selected in an application process, and each supply point will now be able to accept 50 to 150 participants who already consume cannabis. The study aims to enable the trained staff in the supply points to develop a personal relationship with the participants and then advise them individually on their cannabis consumption.

A special feature of the "Zuri Can – Cannabis with responsibility" study are the social clubs, which are the first non-profit associations in Europe whose members are legally entitled to purchase cannabis and then consume it together.

The scientific findings emerging from the study will form the basis for discussions concerning an evidence-based and practical future implementation of a responsible cannabis policy in Switzerland.

Last modification 12.03.2024

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