Vaccinations and malaria prevention for international travel

Are you planning a trip abroad? Which vaccinations are required? Will you be at risk of malaria? Seek advice at least four to six weeks before you travel.

The website provides detailed information if you are planning a trip. This resource is not intended to replace a medical consultation, for example with your GP, a vaccination centre or a travel medicine specialist.

For health professionals, detailed travel medicine information and recommendations are available in the paying PRO version of

Are you up to date with your vaccinations?

Take the opportunity to check whether you also need any booster vaccinations. You can find out more on the page Vaccinations and prevention.


The information in this file is not to be used for commercial purposes. Permission for use and printing, as well as detailed regional maps illustrating malaria prevention recommendations can be ordered from the Swiss Society for Tropical and Travel Medicine > KONTAKT (DE) or CONTACT (FR).

Further relevant documents are available in German and French.

Last modification 05.12.2022

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