Health for children and adolescents

The physical and mental health of children and adolescents are crucial for their entire lives.

Health problems can impact on all areas of life: They affect schooling, family relationships, contact with peers and the search for one's own path in life. At the same time, these stages of life are a good opportunity for preventive or health-promoting measures, as habits developed at these ages are generally maintained over the long term.

We are committed to protecting and promoting the health of children and adolescents.

The following topic pages go into more detail on aspects of child and adolescent health.

Medicinal products for paediatric use

A national register for recommended dosages of medicinal products used in paediatrics (SwissPedDose) has been available to health professionals since 2018.

Physical activity recommendations

Every movement counts! Here you will find the main message of the Swiss Physical Activity Recommendations.

Sexuality education

Educated children and youth protect themselves better against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. They develop healthier lifestyles too. The federal government is therefore supporting nationwide sexuality education in the cantons.