Stem cell research overview tables

The following overview tables show the institutions responsible, processing periods, charges and required notifications and reports depending on the stem cell research project.  

Answers to the following questions relating to applications are given below:

• For what research procedures and to which institutions does an application have to be submitted?
• How long does it take for an application to be reviewed?
• How much can a licence cost?
• When do notifications and reports have to be submitted?

Institutions responsible by type of stem cell research

The institutions responsible and types of applications for stem cell research projects are regulated by law.

Processing periods

The processing periods for applications in the field of stem cell research are regulated by law.

Charges for applications

The FOPH levies charges for processing stem cell research applications.

Notifications and reports

Notifications and reports concerning current stem cell research projects should be addressed to the FOPH and the ethics committees.

Last modification 17.08.2018

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