Justification practice for medical referrers

HERCA (Heads of European Radiation Protection Competent Authorities) launches a European communication campaign to promote the appropriate use of medical imaging.

Getting the right image for my patient

A toolkit for referrers

The campaign stages a consultation situation between referrer and patient. It sets out 7 key questions the referrer should ask when referring for an imgaing examination. It highlights what is in the interest of the patient, along with some simple reflections and arguments that can be readily put forward during the consultation.

To help you request the most appropriate diagnostic imaging for your patients, here are answers to the following questions:

HERCA Leaflet 1

«If I have already made a diagnosis, what is the added value of a radiological examination?»

HERCA Leaflet 2

«Should my patient have another radiological examination if one has been done recently?»

HERCA Leaflet 3

«Should I refer my patient for an X-ray or CT if another examination can be done that does not use ionising radiation?»

HERCA Leaflet 4

«Is my patient aware that a CT is not without risk?»

HERCA Leaflet 5

«How can I ensure that my patient receives the most appropriate imaging examination?»

HERCA Leaflet 6

«Why is it important to ask if pregnancy is a possibility?»

HERCA Leaflet 7

«What should I consider before referring a child for an imaging examination?»

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