Applications & approvals

The FOPH is charged with regulating different areas of healthcare. In certain cases care providers, research establishments and other organisations are subject to notification or licensing requirements in connection with transplants, genetic analysis, controlled substances (narcotics), biosafety and research on embryonic stem cells. Find out here about how to proceed. 

Access to official documents

When it comes to transparency, the administration in Switzerland leads by example. Find out here how to get access to official documents on the basis of the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA/BGö/LTrans).

Applications and licences for stem cell research

Work involving human embryonic stem cells is subject to strict rules. Here researchers, ethics committees and medical personnel will find information on the relevant applications and licences.

Notifications and authorisations in the field of biosafety

The handling of genetically modified, pathogenic or alien organisms is subject to the notification or authorisation obligation. Here is information on the notification and authorisation procedures pursuant to the ContainO.

Applications and authorisations in the field of infectious diseases

Doctors intending to administer yellow fever vaccinations can find out more about the necessary licence here. We also provide information on how to claim compensation in the event of vaccine injury.

Exceptional licences and licences for banned narcotics

The FOPH may grant exceptional licences for the handling of prohibited narcotics, licences in connection with diacetylmorphine-assisted treatment and licences for pilot trials with cannabis.

Integrity, transparency and discounts (ITD) for therapeutic products

The granting of advantages of any kind must not influence the prescribing, use or supply of prescription-only medicines. Any received discounts and rebates should be reported and passed on to the insurer or insured.