Legislation regarding people & health

The legal framework for issues relating to people and health is set down in around a dozen federal laws and numerous accompanying ordinances. Here you’ll find the relevant legislation in areas such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, narcotics, transplants and reproductive medicine, research on humans and embryonic stem cells, communicable diseases, tobacco products, chemicals and radiation protection. 

Medicinal products and medical devices legislation

The legislation on therapeutic products comprises the Federal Act on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (TPA) and the associated ordinances. It is regularly aligned to the state of scientific and technical knowledge.

Reproductive medicine legislation

The Federal Act of 18 December 1998 on Medically Assisted Reproduction lays down the conditions under which the methods of medically assisted reproduction may be used.

Human research legislation

In Switzerland, research involving humans is governed by the Human Research Act and its implementing ordinances. The legislation is primarily designed to safeguard the dignity, privacy and health of people involved in research.

Stem Cell Research Legislation

Research involving embryonal stem cells is regulated in Switzerland by the Stem Cell Research Act (StRA). This stipulates the conditions under which stem cells may be obtained and used in research.

Biosafety legislation

The Ordinance on Handling Organisms in Contained Systems (ContainO) as well as various acts and additional ordinances govern activities with genetically modified, pathogenic or alien organisms in contained systems.

Chemicals legislation

The Chemicals Act (ChemA) aims to protect the lives and health against the harmful effects of chemicals.

Radiological protection legislation

The purpose of the Radiological protection Act (RPA) is to protect people and the environment against dangers from ionizing radiation.

Communicable Diseases Legislation – Epidemics Act, (EpidA)

The Epidemics Act aims to ensure that communicable diseases are detected, monitored, prevented and controlled at an early stage and helps to better manage disease outbreaks with a high risk potential.

COVID legislation

Switzerland’s COVID legislation was introduced to help manage and master the COVID-19 epidemic. The legislation extends to various actions designed to both tackle the epidemic and cope with its repercussions.