As befits a federal republic, the roles and responsibilities within the Swiss healthcare system are split up among the federal, cantonal and municipal levels. The key terms of reference in relation to healthcare are set down in the federal constitution. The FOPH is responsible for more than 20 laws and numerous ordinances based on these provisions. In this area you’ll find all the federal laws and ordinances relevant to healthcare.

Legislation regarding people & health

The legal basis relating to people and health is set down in around a dozen federal laws and numerous ordinances. You’ll find the relevant legislation here.

Legislation regarding insurances

The FOPH’s responsibilities include social health and accident insurance and military insurance and their ongoing development. Here you’ll find the entire range of federal laws and ordinances governing these three insurance schemes.

Health professions legislation

The FOPH is responsible for regulating medical and psychology professions requiring university-level qualifications. Find out more about the legal framework here.

Legislation regarding evaluation & research

The acquisition of knowledge through evaluation and research is conducted on the basis of legislation.

Patients' rights

Your relationship with your doctor involves rights and obligations. Here you can find out about your specific rights at the doctor's and in hospital, and in relation to living wills, organ donation and counselling.