Monitoring system for Addiction

The monitoring system on Addiction has tracked the implementation of the national strategy on Addiction since 2017. It provides evidence-based verification of the achievement of objectives and assists in implementing the strategy.

It brings together indicators, which are comparable over time and representative at national level. An international comparison is guaranteed wherever possible. The data used to monitor the indicators come mainly from existing projects carried out by a variety of institutional partners. The list of indicators can be downloaded below from the document “Indicators for the addiction monitoring system”.

NCD and addiction monitoring combined in MonAM

In parallel with the strategy on addiction, a national NCD prevention strategy was also launched in 2017 and a monitoring system with specific indicators was devised. The two strategies are complementary, as addictions are important risk factors in relation to non-communicable diseases. By combining the two monitoring strategies and presenting their indicators on a common website, the situation in Switzerland can be assessed from a broad perspective.

These two monitoring systems have become the Swiss Monitoring System of Addiction and Noncommunicable Diseases (Système de monitorage suisse des Addictions et des Maladies - MonAM), which presents the indicators in a simple and interactive way, structured by theme or strategy, on the website

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National Strategy on Addiction

The National Strategy on Addiction aims to prevent the development of addiction, provide help to people with an addiction and reduce the negative impact on health and society.

MonAM: addiction and non-communicable disease monitoring system

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and addiction are a major public health challenge in Switzerland. The monitoring system provides data for more than 110 indicators from reliable sources.

Research reports on addiction

Here a list of research reports on the topic "Addiction" that have been funded by the Federal Office of Public Health.

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