Survey "Health and lifestyle"

What do people in Switzerland think of the structural measures relating to alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and exercise? How high is their drug consumption? How many people want to stop smoking? The "Health and Lifestyle" survey provides information on this.

The survey, which is conducted at regular intervals, polls since 2018 some 5,000 Swiss residents aged 15 or over on various issues relating to tobacco, alcohol, exercise, drugs, medicines and nutrition. The survey is structured as a series of modules, which are each used at their own specific intervals.

The representative survey is conducted online in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO). The information it provides helps the FOPH to adopt and pursue effective strategies to tackle addictions and prevent non-communicable diseases. The next survey will be conducted in 2023.

Survey results

The results of the survey are available in Excel file form:

The survey’s results are further presented in graphic form on the website.

Last modification 27.02.2023

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