MonAM: The Swiss addiction and non-communicable disease monitoring system

Since 2017, MonAM has been underpinning the national strategies for addiction and the prevention of non-communicable diseases by providing evidence-based data on more than 110 indicators from reliable sources.

The indicators in MonAM are based on the WHO’s Global Monitoring Framework (GMF). The monitoring system captures information on disease burden, risk factors, social determinants and vulnerable population groups.

MonAM brings together indicators related to the strategies for addiction and the prevention of non-communicable diseases. Given that addictions are key risk factors in non-communicable diseases, these two strategies are complementary. This enables MonAM to capture a broad view of the situation in Switzerland.
The primary goal of MonAM is to use representative data that are comparable over time and at a national level. The data come mainly from existing projects implemented by various institutional partners, who are closely involved on a coordinated basis in putting together this compilation.

Further information

National Strategy Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD strategy)

A healthy lifestyle would help prevent many non-communicable diseases and reduce their consequences. This is where the NCD strategy and its partners come in.

Monitoring system for Addiction

The monitoring system on Addiction has tracked the implementation of the national strategy on Addiction since 2017. It provides evidence-based verification of the achievement of objectives and assists in implementing the strategy.

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