Evaluation management in the FOPH

Within the FOPH, the Evaluation and Research Service is responsible for evaluation management. This service performs the process management for evaluation projects and assures the quality of the evaluation results.  

The Evaluation and Research Service provides the FOPH with a competence centre for evaluation and evaluation management.

Evaluation management is divided into several phases

Evaluation in the FOPH is divided into seven main phases (see the diagram below). An evaluation project requires preparation and follow-up. These are included in the phases.

The diagram shows the following: evaluation management at the FOPH is divided into a seven-phase process The phases are: 1. Needs analysis and priority setting, 2. Planning, 3. Developing the Terms of reference, 4. Competitive commissioning, 5. Following the evaluation activities, 6. Reporting and disseminating findings, 7. Follow up on use made of findings

An evaluation project starts when the FOPH management gives its consent to the project and ends when the person commissioning the project decides on the use to which the results of the evaluation are to be put. As a rule, those commissioning evaluations will generally draw up an opinion on the results.

Evaluation projects are managed

Evaluation management ensures the preparation and follow-up of evaluation projects as well as their process management. The key players – who have a range of duties and roles in the evaluation process – are those commissioning the evaluation, the evaluation manager, the evaluation team and the stakeholders.

Evaluation management has clear aims

Evaluation management not only takes charge of the process management for evaluation projects but also assures the quality of the products of the evaluation.
The targets set out in the quality standards of the Swiss Evaluation Society SEVAL constitute the decisive aims for evaluation management. It is essential to ensure that:

  • Evaluations respond to the information needs of the intended evaluation users
  • Selecting and contracting evaluators strictly comply with public procurement regulations
  • Evaluations are well designed, realistic, and are conducted in a diplomatic and cost-conscious manner
  • Evaluations are legally and ethically planned and conducted, with due respect to the welfare of all stakeholders
  • The scientific quality is unquestionable and its content is correct
  • Evaluations produce timely, valid and useful information
  • Evaluation findings are communicated and lead to decisions about what needs to be done

Further information

Evaluation in the FOPH

Evaluation assesses the value and benefit of health policy measures.

Evaluation reports

Evaluations are a source of knowledge that helps the FOPH and its partners to optimize the impact of health policy measures, in particular. Here you’ll find evaluation reports on a range of different themes.

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