IHP surveys: Primary care doctors

Research reports on the International Health Policy (IHP) surveys conducted by the Commonwealth Fund Foundation (CWF) contain internationally comparable data. Here you will find reports on surveys of primary care doctors.

International Health Policy Survey 2019

The attributes of the survey are:

  • target group: primary care doctors in Switzerland. A random sample from the Swiss Medical Association (FMH) was used.
  • number of persons surveyed (sample size): 1095 persons
  • methodology: computer assisted web interview and computer assisted telephone interview
  • next survey of primary care doctors: 2022

You will find research reports and further information on the IHP surveys of primary care doctors here:


Legislation regarding evaluation & research

The acquisition of knowledge through evaluation and research is conducted on the basis of legislation.

Further information

MedReg register of medical professions

Ab 1. Januar 2018 müssen alle Medizinalpersonen, die in der Schweiz tätig sind oder tätig werden wollen, im Medizinalberuferegister eingetragen sein.

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