Evaluation reports

Evaluations are a source of knowledge that helps the FOPH and its partners to optimise the impact of health policy measures, in particular. They assess the value and benefit of these measures and make for greater transparency. Here you will find evaluation reports on topics including communicable and non-communicable diseases, addiction, biomedicine, chemical safety, radiation protection, healthcare, health and accident insurance, plus cross-disciplinary studies. 

In which languages are evaluation products available?

An evaluation generally produces an evaluation report, a summary and a written opinion on the results from the person who commissioned the evaluation. For reasons of cost and time, we do not translate evaluation publications into all the national languages or English. They are available in the authors' original language. We decide which evaluation products are to be translated into which languages, as appropriate. Summaries are available in at least two national languages in all cases.

Further information

Evaluation in the FOPH

Evaluation assesses the value and benefit of health policy measures.

Research in the FOPH

Research provides the FOPH with knowledge that is useful for guiding its decisions and practices.

Monitoring in the FOPH

Monitoring observes and highlights changes and trends in the area of health.

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