Publications on communicable diseases

Have questions about vaccinations? Need a vaccination record? Looking for information about communicable diseases? You’ll find answers in our publications.

Information on vaccinations

We publish scientifically based information on:

  • the benefits and risks of vaccination
  • diseases that can be prevented by vaccination.

This will help you make an informed decision about vaccinations.

Further publications on communicable diseases

Below you’ll find an overview of the information material available on topics such as healthcare-associated infections, antibiotic resistance, pandemics and sexually transmitted diseases.

Further information

Healthcare-associated infections (NOSO Strategy)

The objective of the National Strategy for the Monitoring, Prevention and Control of Healthcare-Associated Infections (NOSO strategy) is to reduce the number of infections acquired in hospitals and care homes in Switzerland.

Nationale Strategie zur Prävention der Grippe (GRIPS)

Die nationale Strategie zur Prävention der saisonalen Grippe soll die Zahl der schweren Erkrankungen senken, insbesondere bei Personen mit erhöhtem Komplikationsrisiko.

National Programme for HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections (NPHS)

The NPHS aims to reduce the number of new infections with HIV and other STIs and to avoid consequences with an adverse effect on health. Information on the programme can be found here.

Nationale Strategie zur Masernelimination

Die Umsetzung der Nationalen Strategie zur Masernelimination 2011–2015 weist eine positive Bilanz auf.

National Vaccination Strategy (NVS)

The Confederation, together with the cantons and other stakeholders, has drawn up a national vaccination strategy (NVS) with the aim of guaranteeing that the population is sufficiently protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Strategie Antibiotikaresistenzen Bereich Mensch

So viel wie nötig, so wenig wie möglich – Antibiotika als lebensrettende Medikamente sollen langfristig erhalten bleiben.

Nationale Strategie zur Bekämpfung der Tuberkulose 2012-2017

Die Strategie der Jahre 2012 bis 2017 setzte Prioritäten und definierte die Zuständigkeiten. Die Prinzipien haben weiterhin Gültigkeit.


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