Senior management

The senior management of the FOPH comprises the director and the heads of four directorates and five divisions.

Pascal Strupler (1959, CH)

Pascal Strupler

Position: Director-General of FOPH since 2010
: Lic. iur; idheap diploma (Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration)
Professional career: 1986-1990 Federal Tax Administration, FTA | 1990-1995 Federal Office for Foreign Economic Affairs (now SECO), FDEA | 1995-1998 Integration Office (Head of Section, member of several Swiss-EU negotiation delegations) FDFA/FDEA | 1998-2003 personal advisor to Federal Councillor Pascal Couchepin, FDEA and FDHA | 2003-2009 Secretary-General FDHA

Roland Charrière (1957, CH)

Roland Charrière

Position: Deputy Director since 2007 and Head of Consumer Protection Directorate since 2004
: Dr. chem.
Professional career: 1987-1989 Chemist, Ilford AG, Marly | 1989-1997 Head of Meat Laboratory Division, Migros Cooperative, Courtepin | 1997-2001 Head of Foodstuffs of Animal Origin Unit, FOPH | 2001-2004 Head of Compliance with Foodstuffs Regulation Division, FOPH

Andrea Arz de Falco (1961, D)

Andrea Arz de Falco

Position: Vice Director and Head of Public Health Directorate since 2008
: Theology and Biology, Dr. theol.
Professional career: 1998-2002 President of the Federal Ethics Commission on Non-human Biotechnology and senior assistant at the Institute for Ethics and Human Rights at the University of Fribourg | 2000-2002 project leader of interdisciplinary national research project (National Research Programme NFP 46, transplants/implants)| 2002-2004 Head of Applied Medical Ethics Unit, FOPH | 2003-2009 lecturer in Medical Ethics, Department of Medicine, University of Fribourg | 2004-2006 Head of Human Research and Ethics Section, FOPH | 2006-2008 Head of Biomedicine Division, FOPH

Thomas Christen (1975, CH)

Thomas Christen

Position: Vice director and Head of Health and Accident Insurance Directorate since 2017
: lic. iur. HSG (Bachelor of Law, University of St. Gallen)
Professional career
: 2000-2003 Executive secretary, New European Movement Switzerland | 2003-2005 SP Schweiz (Social Democratic Party of Switzerland; including Head, Dept. Communication) | 2005-2012 Executive secretary, SP Schweiz | 2012-2017 Personal assistant to Federal Councillor Alain Berset, responsible for health policy

Marion Heiri (1968, CH)

Marion Heiri

Position: Head of Resource Management Division since 2010
: PET Diploma in Tourism, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Executive in Leadership and Management post-graduate studies, MAS in Business Psychology FHNW
Professional career: 1993-2005 various management positions in private sector | 2005-2010 Head of Administration, Marketing and Infrastructure and member of senior management, Centre for Education in Health, canton of Zurich

Sang-Il Kim (1966, KOR)

Sang-Il Kim

Position: Head, Digital Transformation Division since April 2020
Qualifications: Doctor of Medicine, Dipl. Inf. IT
Professional career: 1994-2002 Radiology Hamburg | 2003-2007 Siemens Medical Technology Erlangen – Product Management | 2008-2011 ICW Zurich – EMEA Business Development | 2012-2017 Dep. Head, eHealth Suisse | 2018-2020 Swiss Post AG – Head, eHealth Product Management | since 2015 Lecturer in Medical Informatics at Bern University of Applied Sciences

Nora Kronig Romero (1980, CH)

Nora Kronig Romero

Position: Vice-Director and Head of the Division of International Affairs since 2017
Education: Lic. oec., University of St. Gallen
Professional career: 2006-2007 competition and diplomatic internship in Bern and Mexico, FDFA | 2007-2010 Alternate Regional Coordinator for South and Central America, FDFA | 2010-2012 Diplomatic Assistant of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Peter Maurer | 2012-2016 Chief of staff of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Yves Rossier | 2016-2017 Deputy Head of the Multilateral Division of the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the Office of the United Nations and to other International Organisations in Geneva

Gregor Lüthy (1969, CH)

Gregor Lüthy

Position: Head of Communication and Campaigns Division since 2017
Literature and cultural journalism; M.A.
Professional career: 2012-2017 Head of Corporate Communications, University Hospital Zurich│2006-2012 Head of Communications and (from 2010) member of the Board, Department for Economic Affairs of the Canton of Zurich │2004-2005 Head of Communications, Berlin University of the Arts

Peter Périnat (1956, CH)

Peter Périnat

Position: Head of Legal Affairs Division since 2000
: lic. iur., lawyer
Professional career: at FOPH since 1984 | from 1992 Deputy Head of Legal Affairs Division |1999 Internship at the European Commission in Brussels | since 1995 Member of Swiss delegation (extra-parliamentary commission) mixed committee on implementing the agreement regarding the customs treaty between Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Stefan Spycher (1966, CH)

Stefan Spycher

Position: Vice Director and Head of Health Policy Directorate since 2008
: Dr. rer. pol.
Professional career: 1992-2006 Co-owner and managing director of the Büro für arbeits- und sozialpolitische Studien [Office for Labour and Social Policy Studies] | 2006-2008 Head of the Swiss Health Observatory

Barbara Thévoz Lagast (1963, CH)

Barbara Thévoz Lagast

Position: Head of Management Services Division since 2010
: lic. ès sc. pol., University of Fribourg, diploma in Higher European Studies, Collège d'Europe, Bruges (B)
Professional career: 1989-1991 Swiss Bank Corporation, Fribourg and Basel | 1991-1993 Integration Office FDFA/FDEA | 1993-2000 Diplomatic service, diplomat in Bern, Geneva and Rome, FDFA | 2000-2004 advisor in FDJP General Secretariat, responsible for economic and finance dossiers for the Federal Council | 2004-2010 Head of Planning and Coordination of Federal Council Affairs, FDHA General Secretariat

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