Biomedicine Division

Human and stem cell research, reproductive and transplant medicine, genetic diagnostics and pharmacogenetics as well as innovative pharmaceuticals and medical products represent the state-of-the-art in biomedicine.

These advances bring opportunities but also raise issues of biological safety, ethics and social responsibility. The work carried out on legislation in the specialist fields concerned is vital in enabling the potential benefits for public health to be exploited and in reducing or eliminating the risks. The Biomedicine Division drafts, implements and revises the relevant legislation. In doing so, it is committed to transparency, coherence, relevance and compatibility with international standards.

Matthias Enderle

Matthias Enderle
Head of Biomedicine Division

Further information

Research involving humans

The term “research involving humans” refers to scientific research in areas such as medicine, psychology and biology. The main goal is to safeguard people, their dignity, pivacy and health.

Medicinal products & medical devices

Thanks to research and technological progress, the number of new drugs and medical devices is increasing all the time. To protect the health of people and animals, the federal authorities regulate the use of therapeutic products.

Reproductive medicine

In Switzerland medically assisted reproduction treatment can be sought in 25 to 30 fertility centres. The legal framework regulating access to these treatments is stipulated in the Reproductive Medicine Act.


Here you can find information on the concept of biosafety and the role of the FOPH in the implementation of the Containment Ordinance.

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