Health Care Services Division

The Health Care Services Division is responsible for all health insurance matters relating to the list of approved services, tariffs and prices, licensing of service providers and quality assurance.

Working with three specialist committees, it drafts and oversees the principles for the licensing of medical services, therapeutic products, analyses, and aids and articles in the list of approved services. It devises the instruments and measures used by the Confederation to exercise its powers in relation to tariffs, and evaluates the tariff agreements to be approved by the Federal Council. In the complaints procedure, it acts as a specialist arbiter on matters relating to cantonal tariff and planning decisions before the Federal Administrative Court and also on general questions relating to medical services. The Section also devises principles and instruments for quality assurance at federal level, is responsible for the insurance card, and organises the health insurance system in accordance with revisions to acts and ordinances.

Sandra Schneider

Sandra Schneider
Head of Health Care Services Division

Further information

Benefits and tariffs

Which services are covered by the compulsory health insurance?

Insurers and supervision

As far as social health insurance is concerned the insurers are supervised by the Federal Office of Public Health.

Description of services

Who is responsible for description of services reimbursed under compulsory health insurance?

Legislation regarding insurances

The FOPH’s responsibilities include social health and accident insurance and military insurance and their ongoing development. Here you’ll find the entire range of federal laws and ordinances governing these three insurance schemes.

Current Revision Projects

Ongoing projects in the area of Health Insurance

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