Chemical Products Division

The Chemical Products Division assesses the effects of chemicals on human health and lays down general conditions for handling chemicals in a safe and proper manner.

Chemicals are part of our every life. While they have many benefits, they can also be harmful to the environment and human health. Against this background, it is essential to minimise the risk to the environment and health when handling chemicals.

The Chemical Products Division assesses the effects of chemicals on human health. Where necessary, it introduces appropriate measures to reduce the health risks involved in handling chemicals. These include the publication of information material, the issuing of restrictions on the authorisation of chemicals and the drafting or modification of legislation on the regulation of chemicals. Together with the cantonal enforcement authorities, the Chemical Products Division ensures that the statutory requirements governing the handling of chemicals are observed. The division also informs and advises industry and the general public on responsible and proper handling of chemicals.

Steffen Wengert

Steffen Wengert
Head of Chemical Products Division

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If they’re not used properly chemicals can damage your health. Here you’ll find information on how to handle chemicals in everyday, commercial and industrial settings as well as information on environmental toxins in the home, chemical safety and nanotechnology.

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