Biomedicine Division

The Biomedicine Division is the competence centre for biomedical research and technology. The focus of its work is the protection of health, human dignity and personality as well as safe, equitable access to innovation achievements.

Innovative procedures are being developed on the basis of the latest findings in genetics and human and stem cell research. These advances open up new possibilities in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases. Patients not only benefit from this in reproductive and transplantation medicine but also in therapy with medication. This progress in biomedicine involves risks for humans, animals and the environment and these must be weighed from a medical ethics perspective.

Assessing the impact of this technical progress, as well as drawing up and applying the appropriate legal framework, providing information to the population and conducting regular reviews of the legislation and its enforcement constitute key measures for enabling innovation and harnessing the opportunities that result from these advances for the health of the population. These measures also serve to reduce or avoid risks. The Biomedicine Division is committed not only to expertise and methodological competence, but also to the transparency, coherence and robustness of its decisions.

Matthias Enderle

Matthias Enderle
Head of Biomedicine Division

Further information

Research involving humans

The term “research involving humans” refers to scientific research in areas such as medicine, psychology and biology. The main goal is to safeguard people, their dignity, privacy and health.

Medicinal products & medical devices

Thanks to research and technological progress, the number of new drugs and medical devices is increasing all the time. To protect the health of people and animals, the federal authorities regulate the use of therapeutic products.

Reproductive medicine

In order to fulfil the desire to have a baby, assisted reproductive techniques may be used. The medical possibilities raise complex ethical and legal questions.


Here you can find information on the concept of biosafety and the role of the FOPH in the implementation of the Containment Ordinance.

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