Health Policy Directorate

The Health Policy Directorate is responsible for general health policy dossiers and plays a mediating and incentivising role in the FOPH's work with internal and external partners.

The directorate gathers and prepares strategic information to shape health policy, carries out projects, develops new health strategies and programmes and is committed to implementing them. The Directorate also ensures quality and professionalism in the health professions, works with the cantons to develop and implement National Health Policy, and promotes equality of opportunity in health matters. The strategy Health2020 and its measures are the focus of the activities of the Health Policy Directorate.

Stefan Spycher

Stefan Spycher
Head of Health Policy Directorate
Vice Director
Member of the Senior management

Further information

National health policy

National health policy coordinates and aligns the efforts of the federation, cantons and municipalities in select areas of healthcare. Find out here about the current areas of policy.

National health strategies

Switzerland has adopted national strategies designed to safeguard and improve the health of the population. The FOPH coordinates nationwide activities. Find out here about the various action plans, master plans and strategies.

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