Evaluation and Research Service

The Evaluation and Research Service helps to acquire strategy-relevant information for the Office and its areas of activity. The nature of this information is determined by the needs of the senior management and of the different FOPH units, and of national health policy as supported by the cantons.

By means of evaluations, the Service procures information on strategy development, improving effectiveness and accountability to political actors and the public. The Service coordinates departmental research at the FOPH, draws up the Health Research Concept and provides advice and support on quality assurance in departmental research. It coordinates Switzerland's participation in international health policy surveys run by the Commonwealth Fund Foundation (CWF).

Herbert Brunold

Herbert Brunold
Head of Evaluation and Research Service

Further information

Evaluation in the FOPH

Evaluation assesses the value and benefit of health policy measures.

Research in the FOPH

Research provides the FOPH with knowledge that is useful for guiding its decisions and practices.

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