Federal Commission for Issues relating to Sexually Transmitted Infections (CFIST)

The CFIST is an extra-parliamentary commission. It is a national body that advises the Federal Council and the Federal Administration at a strategic level on ways of preventing and fighting HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections.

The CFIST – formerly FCSH and FCAI

The Federal Commission for Issues relating to Sexually Transmitted Infections (EKSI) was created on 1 January 2020. It replaces the Federal Commission for Sexual Health (FCSH) set up in 2011. This in turn was preceded by the Federal Commission for AIDS-related Issues (FCAI) established in 1988.

Advisory body for national health programmes

One of the CFIST’s main tasks is to advise the federal authorities and the cantons in developing and implementing national programmes to recognise, monitor, prevent and fight HIV/Aids and and other sexually transmitted infections.


The CFIST is composed of no more than 15 members from a range of disciplines. Members are experts in the fields of HIV/Aids, other sexually transmitted infections and sexual health.

Further information

HIV & Sexually Transmitted Infections

The NPHS aims to reduce the number of new infections with HIV and other STIs and to avoid consequences with an adverse effect on health. Information on the programme can be found here.

Guidelines and recommendations on sexually transmitted infections

The FOPH draws up guidelines and recommendations for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections along with the Swiss Federal Commission for Sexual Health (FCSH).

Sexually transmitted infections

Here you can find out everything you need to know about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. How are they transmitted? How can you avoid infection? Where can you get counselling and testing?

Sexuality education

Educated children and youth protect themselves better against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. They develop healthier lifestyles too. The federal government is therefore supporting nationwide sexuality education in the cantons.

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