New coronavirus: Pink indicates easing of measures

Bern, 30.4.2020 - Pink – the new colour of the public awareness campaign – indicates that further restrictions are being eased. Various types of activity are now permitted on condition that precautionary measures are adhered to. Continue to follow hygiene and social distancing rules.

Even though various types of activity are once again permitted, continue to follow the rules on hygiene and social distancing. Keep your distance, avoid shaking hands, wash your hands thoroughly, cough and sneeze into the crook of your arm, stay at home if you experience symptoms, and carry on working from home if you are able to do so.

Work from home if possible

Despite the fact that measures are gradually being eased, we recommend that you carry on working from home if you are able to do so. That way you are reducing your interaction with others and preventing the spread of the virus.

Explanatory video on wearing a face mask

We recommend you wear a face mask in the following situations:

  • If you are unable to keep a distance of 2 metres from others, e.g. when using public transport.
  • If it forms part of the set of precautionary measures put in place by a service sector business whose services you wish to use.

The following explanatory video shows you how to put on, remove and dispose of a face mask correctly.

You do not have to wear a face mask in public if you are healthy. If you feel unwell, stay at home and complete the coronavirus check.

Keeping your distance and washing your hands are still the most effective protective measures.

Last modification 04.11.2020

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