COVID-19 crisis management: in the eye of the storm

Bern, 6.2.2023 – In a four-part series, the spectra podcast looks back at the COVID pandemic together with those involved in managing it, both within the FOPH and outside. Episode 2 looks at the topic of crisis management.

Porträts Patrick Mathys und Christine Kopp

How do you manage a crisis? In short, you don’t, because as Christine Kopp and Patrick Mathys, who were interviewed for the spectra podcast explain, the crisis itself cannot be ‘managed’. What can be managed are the institutions that are supposed to handle the crisis by creating clear decision-making channels, providing resources, and bringing order to the chaos.

In the course of the interview, Kopp and Mathys tell us how they experienced that difficult time. "It was a tough period, both professionally and privately," says Christine Kopp, "but it was also a privilege to be able to play a part.

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