Arrange it, don't postpone it: organ donation

Bern, 27.12.2022 – In its new public campaign “Arrange it, don't postpone it: organ donation.” the FOPH and Swisstransplant are encouraging people to make a decision about organ donation now, write it down and tell their family about it.

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The majority of people in Switzerland are in favour of organ donation. However, only a minority have put their wishes in writing or informed their family of them.

The new awareness campaign “Arrange it, don't postpone it: organ donation.” by the FOPH and Swisstransplant is encouraging them to make a personal, binding decision on organ donation. It’s not enough to just think about it. Everyone should record their wishes on an organ donor card, in a living will or in an electronic patient record (EPR).

The campaign, launched in collaboration with partner Swisstransplant, begins today and will run for two years. The FOPH will be regularly informing the public about organ donation in the campaign “Arrange it, don't postpone it: organ donation.”during the transitional period (2022–2024) and up to the introduction of the new regulation.

New advert “Don't forget: Arrange organ donation.”

The new advert “Don't forget: Arrange organ donation!”, which will be on TV and online from today, reminds people to make a personal decision on organ donation now.

Campaign materials

You can download materials in various languages or order them free of charge: shop

The campaign website remains the core element of the campaign. You will find all the relevant information on organ donation and stating wishes here:

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