New issue of spectra – "Communication in the healthcare sector"

Bern, 24.10.2018 - Proper communication between health professionals and their patients is the basis for successful treatment. And yet this aspect is still not given sufficient attention. As you will see from this issue of spectra, investing in this area will pay off.

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Many people in Switzerland have difficulty accessing, understanding and applying health-related information. The FOPH has therefore set itself the goal of improving health literacy and self-management of chronic disease among the general public. Communication can, at various levels, help achieve this goal. It is an important tool for improving health literacy.

spectra No. 122 is devoted to the topic of "Communication in the healthcare sector".


  • Communication is an important tool for improving health literacy
  • "Living Books" tell the stories of their dementia
  • The wealth of information on the internet can become a problem
  • How can healthcare provision for vulnerable groups be optimised?
  • Interview with Sabina Hunziker, Professor of Medical Communication at Basel’s University Hospital: "A good relationship with the patient can achieve more than a drug."
  • Reflecting on and talking about the end of life
  • Dialogue to increase people's willingness to donate organs
  • Intercultural interpreting in obstetrics
  • "The word is a powerful instrument" – 5 questions for Stefan Neuner, head of the healthcare coaching programme of the Association of General Practitioners (KHM)
  • "Do you speak medical?" – forum contribution by Erika Ziltener, President of the Association of Swiss patient advice centres
  • Advance healthcare planning is a communications process

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“spectra – Prevention and Health Promotion” is a newsletter of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). It is published four times a year in German, French and English. In interviews and the “Forum” section, spectra offers space for views that may diverge from the official stance of the FOPH.

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