SwissCovid app: 2 million downloads

23.7.2020 – 2 million people have already downloaded the SwissCovid app. Thank you for your trust in us. You are helping to break chains of infection. 

Within the space of just three weeks, the SwissCovid app has been downloaded 2 million times. The more people that use the app, the greater the benefit. That’s why we recommend that as many people as possible download it and use it.

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Please download and install the SwissCovid app from the normal app stores:

The SwissCovid app complements conventional contact tracing. It notifies users if they have spent a certain length of time in close proximity to a person infected with the coronavirus. In order for the app to send the notification, the person infected, on testing positive for the virus, is given a ‘covidcode’ by the cantonal medical service to enter into the app. Installing and using the app and entering the code are all voluntary.

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on the SwissCovid app and contact tracing

Last modification 23.07.2020

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