New look for the SafeZone online platform

21.4.2021 – The relaunched SafeZone online addiction advice platform gives visitors the option of asking questions and doing additional self-tests, and provides more information and assistance for families of those with addictions.


SafeZone, the online addition advice platform (website in German, French and Italian), has been given a thorough overhaul. In addition to the online advice previously available, visitors can now also enter their questions on the platform. These questions and the answers provided by the experts are then visible to everyone visiting the site – including people with addictions and their families who are unwilling to ask directly for advice themselves. Not only this, but the range of self-tests, plus the information and help available for the families of people with addictions, have also been extended. (available in German, French or Italian) is a service provided by the FOPH in collaboration with cantons, addiction centres and partners. Thanks to constant quality assurance, SafeZone helps professionalise online addiction support.


Last modification 21.04.2021

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