What are the recipes for healthy aging?

Bern, 21.2.2020 - At the invitation of Swiss Federal Councillor Alain Berset, the first conference on the Health2030 Strategy in Bern featured around 250 actors from all areas of healthcare policy talking about health in old age − one of the Federal Council’s healthcare policy priorities.


Never have the chances of a long life been better for us: in Switzerland the life expectancy is 85.4 years for women, and 81.7 years for men. The proportion of people over age 65 in this country looks set to increase to 27 per cent by 2040, with particular growth anticipated in the over-80s age group. As a result of demographic change, the number of people with noncommunicable conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer is rising. They often require intensive nursing, treatment and care. These offerings are not in sufficient supply, or are uncoordinated, and their long-term funding is uncertain.

So how can we take advantage of the opportunity of a long life and age as healthily as possible? How do we prepare society and our healthcare system for demographic change to preserve people’s quality of life in old age? The key actors in healthcare have answers to these questions. In its Health2030 Strategy, the Federal Council, too, has mapped out plans that will make it possible for people in Switzerland to enjoy good health throughout their entire life. At the National Health2030 Conference on 17 February, Federal Councillor Berset and the Federal Office of Public Health met actors in healthcare to discuss these matters in person.

Swiss Federal Councillor Alain Berset at the conference on the Health2030 Strategy

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