The impact of the pandemic on mental health

Bern, 21.2.2023 – Our spectra podcast looks back in a four-part series on COVID pandemic times, together with the people who were with us to help master its many challenges. Episode 3 on mental health.

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While the latest data suggest that, on the whole, the population have coped well with the COVID pandemic in mental health terms, some groups suffered under it, severely in some cases, and may continue to do so: people who already had mental health issues, for instance, or some children and adolescents. So what lessons have been learnt? And how do matters stand in equal opportunities terms?

A podcast with
• Marianne Jossen, Head of Prevention Strategy, FOPH
• Samia Hurst, professor of biomedical ethics, University of Geneva
• Anne Edan, child psychiatrist, Geneva University Hospital

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