Coronavirus: New video: Let’s make sure the classroom’s properly ventilated!

19.11.2020 – Schoolrooms have to be aired out regularly to reduce the risk of infection, especially now during the coronavirus epidemic. The new video shows schoolchildren how to air out properly.

How should you air out a room to make sure the stale air is sufficiently replaced? This easy-to-understand two-minute video shows school students how to do it properly. That way the air in their classroom stays fresh longer and everyone can concentrate better.

Follow the hygiene social distancing rules

The video also covers the familiar rules on hygiene and social distancing. They’re also available for schools in the form of a poster.

Information materials for schools

Available in German, French and Italian

Information sheet: "Lüften in Schulen während der Corona-Epidemie" (Airing out Schoolrooms in the Coronavirus Epidemic)

Flyer: Zeit für frische Luft (Time for Fresh Air) for schoolchildren in Cycle 2

Brochure: Das Schulzimmer richtig lüften (How to Air out the Classroom) for schools and teachers

Last modification 19.11.2020

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