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16.10.2020 – Together with Swiss Post, we are running a national campaign to promote the SwissCovid app. For two weeks from 19 October, Swiss Post employees will be speaking to customers in their branches about the app.

For two weeks from 19 October, Swiss Post employees will be speaking to customers in their branches about the SwissCovid app. Swiss Post will then continue offering advice and assistance with installing the app in its post offices up to the end of the year. The campaign is setting out to inform more people about the SwissCovid app and how it works, with the aim of getting more people to use the app. This cooperation with Swiss Post is designed to make a key contribution to containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aim of the campaign

The SwissCovid app, Switzerland’s official contact-tracing app, was launched in June. The app notifies users of potential infections and thus helps contain the new coronavirus. The more people who use the app, the more effective it will be. Swiss Post will be supporting us in disseminating the app. The campaign aims to make the app known among the population at large, clarifying open questions and offering to assist people with its installation. Following a one-week pilot phase in selected post offices in July, evaluations revealed potential for motivating more people to use the SwissCovid app. The two-week campaign is thus being run at national level as of 19 October 2020. A total of 946 post offices throughout Switzerland are taking part.

Scope of the partnership

Over a period of two weeks, Swiss Post employees will be actively broaching the subject of the app with the customers in their branches and offering to assist them with its installation. A video running on the post office screens will explain how the SwissCovid app works, referring interested persons to the post office staff if they have any questions or experience problems in installing it.

The campaign is aimed especially at those who are less familiar with technology. The advice provided by Swiss Post will then ensure that these people too have access to a key tool for containing the pandemic.

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