New website on mobile communications and 5G

Bern, 15.6.2022 – Three federal offices provide information on mobile communications and 5G on behalf of the Federal Council via a website created especially for this purpose.

Symbolic image of a 5G antenna

In April 2020 the Swiss Federal Council decided to implement measures – proposed by a working group devoted to the topic of mobile communications and radiation – to accompany the next steps in relation to 5G. One of these measures is to increase information to and awareness among members of the public. The Federal Office of the Environment (FOEN), the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) and the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) have now created a new website for this purpose: There you’ll find answers to the most important questions in relation to mobile communications and 5G, including information on the technology, the radiation emitted by antennae, the granting of concessions, and mobile phones.

The FOPH also publishes fact sheets on various devices that generate non-ionising radiation: NIR fact sheets

The mobile communications and radiation working group

In September 2018 the then Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard initiated a working group to address the topic of mobile communications and radiation. It was charged with analysing the needs and risks around the setting up of 5G networks and formulating recommendations. The following stakeholders were represented in the working group: federal and cantonal authorities, mobile communications providers, the medical profession, and representatives of city and municipal authorities.

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