Quarantine rules for persons arriving in Switzerland

11.9.2020 – Only individual regions from neighbouring countries that exceed the threshold are to be added to the list of countries and areas with an increased risk of infection. Border regions are currently exempt. The updated ordinance will enter into force on 14 September.

With this decision of 11 September, the Federal Council is adopting a regional approach: entire neighbouring countries cannot be added to the list of countries or areas with an increased risk of infection, but rather only individual regions. This is in line with the policies already in place in other countries.

Exemptions for border regions

Border regions of our neighbouring countries can be exempted from the list. With this decision, the Federal Council is taking account of the close economic, social and cultural exchanges that take place in the border regions. At the same time, however, it is responding to the growing infection rates in Switzerland and in various neighbouring countries, especially in France. Cross-border commuters are currently exempt from mandatory quarantine.

Assumption of personal responsibility

The Federal Council is continuing to rely on you taking personal responsibility. Wherever possible, do not travel to a risk area. Or put yourself into quarantine following such a trip.

Exempt from mandatory quarantine

The following groups of people are now exempt from mandatory quarantine:

  • Cultural figures following a cultural event
  • Athletes following a competition
  • Participants in specialist congresses

Exemption requirement for this group: precautionary measures that are adhered to are in place for the event in question outside Switzerland.

  • Individuals who for professional or medical reasons have to travel to a risk country for a reason that cannot be postponed.

Exemption requirement for this group: the stay outside Switzerland does not last longer than five days and precautionary measures are in place that are adhered to.

Calculation basis for quarantine adjusted

The Federal Council has adjusted the calculation basis for quarantine in the “COVID-19 Ordinance on International Passenger Transport Measures”: if a person who was previously in a risk area subsequently spends time in a country without an increased risk of infection, the cantons can take this into account and shorten the quarantine period.

Mandatory quarantine in place since 6 July 2020

Since this time, everybody arriving in Switzerland from a country or area with an increased risk of infection has had to go into quarantine for ten days. With this measure, the Federal Council wants to prevent the introduction of the coronavirus and its spread in Switzerland to the greatest extent possible.

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