Delays for new health insurance cards

Bern, 11.1.2022 – Some delays are currently being experienced in the issuing of new health insurance cards. Affected insured persons who do not yet have their card remain entitled to all benefits provided for under the Federal Health Insurance Act.

At the end of 2022, an above-average number of people changed their health insurer, resulting in considerable demand for new cards. In some cases, this has led to card producers (the health insurance cards are not produced by the health insurers themselves) experiencing production delays.

This will have no serious consequences for insured persons who have not received their new card. Even without a health insurance card, it is still possible to consult service providers.

If necessary, be sure to have your AHV number and the name of your health insurer on hand when you visit the doctor (or for any other treatment). Ideally, you should present your insurance policy in the meantime. This makes the settlement process easier.

In the case of treatment abroad, the foreign service provider will ask the health insurer for a provisional replacement certificate if you are unable to present your European Health Insurance Card. The insured person will suffer no disadvantages as a result. In the case of planned stays abroad, it is advisable to request a certificate from your health insurer in advance, which you can then present abroad if required.

Last modification 11.01.2023

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