New issue of spectra on the topic of “mHealth”

Berne, 7.9.2018 - Apps on mobile devices such as smartphones open up a wide range of opportunities in prevention and health promotion. spectra discusses the use of health apps and what developers and users should look for as regards data security.


The widespread use of digital devices, particularly smartphones, is creating new and hitherto unthinkable opportunities in the field of prevention and health promotion. For instance, overweight children can learn how to become more physically active with the help of an app. Or an app can help people with a mental illness as an adjunct to treatment. These apps are designed to supplement professional care.

spectra No. 121 is devoted to the topic of “mHealth” (mobile health).


  • mHealth – what opportunities are there for mobile apps in the healthcare system?
  • Helping Anna and Lukas become more physically active
  • Apps and self-trackers as means of preventing non-communicable diseases (NCDs)?
  • Having fun conquering the Swiss food pyramid
  • Interview with Barbara Widmer, lawyer and expert on data protection: “The people affected are too little aware of current data protection rules.”
  • How young people can learn to drink sensibly
  • Health-specific data and ensuring they are protected
  • Better with two: stopping smoking with the SmokeFree Buddy App
  • At, people at risk of addiction ask their questions via e-mail
  • Can mHealth deliver greater health equity?
  • MIDATA data platform: A citizen-centred mHealth ecosystem
  • Apps for mental problems and disorders
  • mHealth as a supplement to professional care
  • New publication: Children’s book: “Richtig giftig” [Really Poisonous]

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“spectra – Prevention and Health Promotion” is a newsletter of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). It is published four times a year in German, French and English. In interviews and the “Forum” section, spectra offers space for views that may diverge from the official stance of the FOPH.

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