Is Ibuprofen dangerous in cases of infection with the coronavirus?

Bern, 15.3.2020 - There is no proof of this at present. But to treat a fever it is better to use paracetamol-based medication. If you take Ibuprofen as part of a long-term treatment, do not stop taking it, but consult your doctor.


There are currently no clear indications that this type of medication aggravates the severity of the disease. Observations have been made in individual cases, but this is not sufficient to prove that the medication played a causal role in the severity of the illness. Verifications are ongoing. In the meantime, caution is recommended when taking Ibuprofen-based medicinal products. It is not generally necessary to treat a high temperature.

If you have a high temperature and find it is adversely affecting you, it is preferable to take a Paracetamol-based medicinal product (a list of medicinal products can be found below). Anyone following a long-term course of treatment using Ibuprofen-based medicinal products not related to COVID-19 should continue that treatment, but consult a doctor in the event of symptoms of an acute respiratory infection (cough, high temperature).

List of Ibuprofen-based medicinal products in Switzerland

Alges-X * Algifor * Algifor-L * Amavita Ibuprofène * Aspégic ibu L* Brufen * Contre-Douleur IL 400 * Coop vitality Ibuprofène 400* Dismenol Dol forte* Dismenol Formule L* Dolo Spedifen * Dolocyl * Grefen * Ibu Sandoz / Ibuprofen Sandoz * Ibufelan * Ibufen-L * Ibuprofen N Helvepharm * Ibuprofen Sandoz * Irfen * Irfen Dolo * Irfen retard * Nurofen * Optifen * Saridon * Sonotryl * Spedifen * SUNSTORE Ibuprofène * Treupel Dolo forte IBUPROFEN * Ibufen-L *

List of Paracetamol-based medicinal products in Switzerland

Acétalgine* Amavita Paracétamol* Becetamol* Ben-u-ron* Contre-Douleurs P* Coop Vitality Paracetamol* Dafalgan Odis* Dafalgan* Doloran* KAFA* Mepha-Grippal C* Osa* Panadol* Paracetafelan* Paracetamol* Paraconica* Perfalgan* SUN STORE Paracétamol* Tylenol* Zolben*

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