COVID-19: a new website setting out the epidemiological situation

5.11.2020 – Key figures and situation reports on COVID-19 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are now published on The data and reports can also be downloaded from there.

As of today, the key figures and situation report on COVID-19 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein can be found at The data and reports are also available to download there (PDF, CSV or JSON formats).

The new website contains the following key figures and information:

  • Development over time of the laboratory-confirmed cases, hospitalisations and deaths for the period since the start of the pandemic, since 8 June and for the last 14 and 28 days;
  • Number of tests conducted and percentage of positive tests;
  • Number of people in isolation and quarantine;
  • Geographic and demographic distribution of infections;
  • Daily situation report (Monday to Friday).

The new website combines previous sources of information

The new website replaces the current sources of information at (key figures, reports and downloads) and “Distribution by Canton/age/sex; Development over time; Conducted tests” (charts). These sources will remain available until 11 November. After then, the information will only be published on the new website.

The weekly analytical situation report and the ZIP files with the daily and weekly reports to date will continue to be published at

Last modification 05.11.2020

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