Coronavirus: every vaccination counts

Bern, 3.11.2021 - The federal government and the cantons are staging a National Vaccination Week between 8 and 14 November 2021. The focus is on various advisory services and events, and on providing easy access to vaccination.

Switzerland has a below-average vaccination rate compared to most western European countries. In view of the burden on acute-care hospitals and in particular intensive care units, this rate needs to be much higher for an easing of the coronavirus restrictions to be possible.

National Vaccination Week, 8–14 November 2021

The aim during National Vaccination Week is to provide reliable facts on vaccination in a way that is easy to understand. These will include information on

  • efficacy
  • safety
  • side effects
  • the health risks of an infection
  • vaccination options.

The National Vaccination Week is a shared commitment: the federal government, cantons, municipalities and other organisations are arranging a variety of information events. Members of the Federal Council will also be actively taking part in the Vaccination Week.

The main platform for information and contacts is


Mobile advisory and vaccination stations

Anyone who has not yet been vaccinated will have easy access to advice – and spontaneous vaccination if they wish. Mobile advisory and vaccination stations such as vaccination buses will be on the road from 8 November. The units complement the existing vaccination centres and offerings in doctors’ practices and pharmacies.

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