Coronavirus: large-scale events possible again under strict conditions

2.9.2020 – From 1 October 2020, large-scale events may be held once more if cantonal authorisation has been issued. After consulting with the cantons and associations, the Federal Council has set the relevant requirements.

The ban on large-scale events with more than 1,000 people will be lifted under strict conditions on 1 October 2020. The Federal Council today approved the corresponding amendment to the “COVID-19 Ordinance Special Situation”.

Precautionary measures must be in place for every event and the organisers must observe strict guidelines:

  • A seating requirement generally applies (exceptions: standing areas are possible at open-air events such as ski, cross-country skiing or bike races as well as village festivals held in the open).
  • People flows must be clearly regulated.
  • Games of the national ice hockey and football leagues: these are also subject to the requirement to wear masks and capacity limits. In halls and outdoor stadiums, no more than two-thirds of seats may be occupied. No seats are available for away fans. Seating is compulsory in catering areas. Rule violations can be punished.

Authorisation from the cantons

The Federal Council has defined the criteria for a canton to be able to authorise large-scale events:

  • The epidemiological situation in the canton or the region in question must allow for the event to be held.
  • The canton has the necessary capacities for contract tracing.

Championship games in the national professional ice hockey and football leagues are assessed and approved on a uniform basis across Switzerland. For all other events, the organiser must present the cantonal authorities with a risk analysis and corresponding precautionary measures. The cantons are responsible for issuing authorisations. These authorisations may be revoked or the conditions may be changed if the epidemiological situation deteriorates significantly. In this case, an organiser has no entitlement under liability law to compensation from the public authorities.


Last modification 02.09.2020

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