Here you’ll find important news from the broad range of different fields in which we operate, from preventive care and the treatment of disease to mandatory health insurance and the current healthcare debate.

New look for the SafeZone online platform

21.4.2021 – The relaunched SafeZone online addiction advice platform gives visitors the option of asking questions and doing additional self-tests, and provides more information and assistance for families of those with addictions.

COVID-19: Switzerland can start vaccinating already in December

19.12.2020 – Today Swissmedic approved the first COVID-19 vaccination for Switzerland. The vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech is suitable for adults from age 16. The first doses of vaccine will be delivered in the next few days.

“Talk about it. Seek help.” day

10.12.2020 – Tody there is a day of action all over Switzerland: “Talk about it. Seek help.”. In these times of coronavirus it’s designed to help boost people’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

SwissCovid App: creating covidcodes faster

23.11.2020 – Previously, only cantonal medical services as well as the attending doctor were able to generate covidcodes. Now, other actors in the healthcare sector can do so, too.

Coronavirus: New video: Let’s make sure the classroom’s properly ventilated!

19.11.2020 – Schoolrooms have to be aired out regularly, especially now during the coronavirus epidemic. A new video on this hot topic makes you want to let in some fresh air.

Isolation and quarantine

12.11.2020 – Have you tested positive for coronavirus? Or have you been in close contact with someone who has tested positive? Visit the Isolation and Quarantine site to find out what to do.

COVID-19: a new website setting out the epidemiological situation

5.11.2020 – Key figures and situation reports on COVID-19 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are now published on The data and reports can also be downloaded from there.

Symptoms of illness? Do the coronavirus check!

4.11.2020 – Do you feel ill, or do you have symptoms pointing to the new coronavirus? Do the coronavirus check! At the end you’ll be given a recommendation on whether to get tested.

New measures, rapid tests and change to travel quarantine

28.10.2020 – On 28 October 2020 the Federal Council took further measures to combat the rapid spread of the new coronavirus. It also adjusted the rules on quarantine for travellers and decided to introduce rapid tests.

Confederation imposes tougher measures to combat coronavirus

18.10.2020 – At an extraordinary meeting on 18 October, the Federal Council introduced several further national measures to combat the rapid rise in coronavirus infections.

New coronavirus: Pink indicates easing of measures

30.4.2020 - Pink – the new colour of the public awareness campaign – indicates that further restrictions are being eased. Various types of activity are now permitted on condition that precautionary measures are adhered to. Continue to follow hygiene and social distancing rules.

Keep up the good work – our motivational video

21.4.2020 - The new coronavirus is having a major impact on our daily lives. We are having to forego a great deal that is dear to us. That requires discipline and commitment. The video ‘Keep up the good work’ is intended to motivate everyone to carry on.

Staying at home and playing Bunny Madness

14.4.2020 - Thank you for staying at home this Easter weekend. Perhaps you even had a go at playing Bunny Madness? Many of you did: the bunny was sent off on its chase almost 500,000 times.

Stay at home – even over Easter and even if the weather is fine

9.4.2020 - The message, even over Easter, is to stay at home and not have friends or family round. Only then can we continue to curb the spread of the new coronavirus. Play Bunny Madness to pass the time instead!

New Coronavirus: Evaluation of anonymised data on gatherings

27.3.20 - On 21 March, the Federal Council prohibited gatherings of more than five people in public spaces. We with the help of Swisscom’s analyses and graphics we are assessing whether this measure is being respected. We do not receive any location data; all data is anonymised and aggregated. It is not possible to make inferences about specific individuals.

National conference on health in old age

21.2.20 - Never have the chances of a long life been better here in Switzerland. But what can we do to preserve people’s quality of life in old age? This was the question addressed at the conference on the Health2030 Strategy.

Patient Safety Summit

6.2.20 - Switzerland hosts the fifth Global Ministerial Patient Safety Summit in Montreux from 27 to 28 February. Several hundred experts and policy-makers are expected.

«Antibiotics: Use wisely, take precisely»

9.11.18 - The FOPH, FSVO, FOAG and FOEN have launched a campaign to raise awareness among the Swiss population about the responsible use of antibiotics.

Communication in the healthcare sector

24.10.18 - Proper communication between health professionals and their patients is the basis for successful treatment. As can be seen from the latest issue of spectra, this aspect needs greater attention.

New issue of spectra on the topic of “mHealth”

7.9.18 - Apps on mobile devices such as smartphones open up a wide range of opportunities in prevention and health promotion. spectra discusses health apps and the security of the data they contain for users and developers.

Latest issue of «spectra»

11.5.18 - In Switzerland some 500 000 people suffer from a rare disease. The National Rare Disease Policy is intended to support affected patients and their relatives with their most important concerns.

Equality of opportunity

9.1.18 - The current issue is dedicated to the topic of equality of opportunity. It features the following themes: National Programme on Migration and Health (2002–2017), research on factors, which produce inequality in health opportunities as well as measures for fighting inequality.

Use of antibiotics – only if necessary

9.11.17 - Talking about antibiotic resistance – this is the aim of the International Antibiotic Awareness Week from 13 to 19 November 2017.

SmokeFree: it always makes sense to stop smoking

The SmokeFree campaign has chosen the slogan “I am stronger” to reflect the fact that you have to be strong to quit smoking. Just how strong is shown in a TV commercial featuring a man tearing a telephone book in half.

National Strategy Addictions

11.9.17 - Addiction and risk behavior have always been a phenomenon in society. The new issue gives some insight into the current discussions in the prevention of addictions and the new National Strategy Addictions (2017-2024).

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