New coronavirus

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New coronavirus

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New coronavirus: new measures, rapid tests and change to travel quarantine

New measures, rapid tests and change to travel quarantine

28.10.2020 – On 28 October 2020 the Federal Council took further measures to combat the rapid spread of the new coronavirus. It also adjusted the rules on quarantine for travellers and decided to introduce rapid tests.


Clinical Research: The Database

12.10.20 - On the Swiss online portal SNCTP, interested individuals can find approved clinical trials in the field of human research. The functions have now been extended.

Enhanced promotion of palliative care

Palliative Care

18.9.20 - The Federal Council intends to strengthen its promotion of palliative care. Because everyone in Switzerland deserves the best possible end-of-life care and treatment. A new report analyses the situation and presents measures.

New OECD report on patient safety

New OECD report on patient safety

17.9.20 - The aim of the WHO World Patient Safety Day is to raise awareness of the issue of patient safety. A new OECD report presents approaches aimed at sustainably improving patient safety.

Swiss Health Survey

Swiss Health Survey

15.9.20 - The pilot phase of the Swiss Health Survey will resume in autumn 2020. It will be a preliminary step towards a national study that will examine the influence of the environment and lifestyle on health.

In focus

Flu vaccination

Flu vaccination: book an appointment now

The FOPH advises vulnerable groups and people in contact with them to have a flu vaccination. In 2020, doses of the vaccine will be delivered on a staggered basis. Even if you’re vaccinated in December, it’s early enough.

Regions insurance premiums

Health insurance: Premium regions

Larger cantons are divided into two or three premium regions if costs vary widely within the canton. The premium regions are defined by the Federal FDHA.

Radiation protection in the OR

Radiation protection in the OR

The FOPH has carried out audits on radiation protection in the operating theatres. The aim was to improve the personals’ awareness and to optimize radiological practice. The final report is now available.

Foreign policy on health

Foreign policy on health

The Federal Council intends to take action in six key areas of international health policy, including sustainable healthcare, global health governance and protection against global health risks.

Masterplan for the Promotion of Biomedical Research

Masterplan for the Promotion of Biomedical Research

The Masterplan for the Promotion of Biomedical Research was launched by the Federal Council with the aim of boosting Switzerland as a centre of research and technology and assuring the population affordable access to new products developed in biomedicine.


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Suicidal behaviour among LGBT teenagers

Suicidal behaviour among LGBT teenagers

Homophobia and lack of acceptance are just some of the reasons LGBT teenagers are at an elevated risk of attempted suicide. The studies needed to find out more about the background are feasible.

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NOSO Strategy - in brief

Brochure concludes the National Strategy for the Monitoring, Prevention and Control of Healthcare- Associated Infections.

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Gesundheit2030 Logo Grau

Strategy Health2030

Everyone in Switzerland should continue to benefit from high-quality, affordable healthcare. In the Health2030 Strategy, you can find out how the Federal Council intends to achieve this goal.



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