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The analysis of the number of cases per DRG indicates the number of hospital stays for a specific DRG and allows this figure to be compared from one year to the next, thereby indirectly offering an insight into the experience of a hospital with regard to the interventions analysed.

Funding of Swiss hospitals since 01.01.12

Since 1 January 2012, SwissDRG (Swiss Diagnosis Related Groups) has been the tariff system employed in Switzerland to pay for acute-care hospital services. Like the flat rate per case system, SwissDRG regulates the payment of hospital services in a consistent and all-inclusive approach in accordance with the latest revision of the Health Insurance Act. Each hospital stay is thus assigned to a particular pathology group and paid for on an all-inclusive basis according to defined criteria (primary diagnosis, supplementary diagnoses, treatments, etc.). The SwissDRG tariff structure is established each year on the basis of new data, taking into account the updated Swiss classification of surgical interventions (CHOP) and the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

The “Number of cases per DRG Search” application

The “Number of cases per DRG Search” application can display the num-ber of cases in a diagnosis-related group (basic DRG, DRG, MDC) for a specific hospital, for the year in which a particular tariff structure applies, independently of the fact if the case is paid by the SwissDRG system. A case can be actually classified in a DRG without being an acute-care case. The public can use this tool to find out the number of hospital stays for a specific DRG and compare this figure from one year to the next. Indi-rectly, this comparison provides some idea of the frequency of occurrence of a type of intervention in a specific hospital, and thus the experience possessed by the hospital in these interventions. As a result, the analysis of the number of cases per DRG can increase transparency in the free choice of hospitals.


832.10 Federal Act on Health Insurance, art. 49, para. 1 and 2 (German, French, Italian).

Last modification 13.07.2018

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