On the basis of the Swiss Federal Constitution the FOPH fulfils a wide range of different health-related mandates. Find out here about the laws and ordinances that form the legal basis of what we do.

Applications & approvals

Care providers, research establishments and other organisations needing to submit an application for a licence or permit will find all the information they need to proceed correctly here.

Departmental research & evaluation

Research and evaluation are a rich source of insight and information that the FOPH and its partners use to fulfil their remit and optimise public health policy. Find out more here.


We draw on our specialist expertise to publish regularly on issues related to prevention and health promotion. Our output includes reports, legal opinions, information brochures, the BAG Bulletin and our newsletter, Spectra.

Facts & figures

Data gathered by the FOPH are an important source of information and input when it comes to making decisions on education and public health policy. Here you’ll find the relevant facts and figures in relation to different healthcare issues.

Access to official documents

When it comes to transparency, the administration in Switzerland leads by example. Find out here how to get access to official documents on the basis of the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA/BGö/LTrans).


E-billing boosts efficiency and is easy on the environment and your budget. Find out here how to send us your invoices electronically.