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Radiation, radioactivity and sound

Radiotherapy and medical diagnostics
Supervision and licensing, contact persons, medical diagnostic and therapeutic X-ray equipment and diagnostic reference levels (DRLs)

Research facilities and nuclear medicine
Informations about supervision and licensing, contact persons, nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, research and teaching.

Occupational radiation exposure
Dosimetry, dose limits, measuring, surveillance, personal dosimetry services

Education and training in radiation protection
People who deal with ionizing radiation are required to be trained in accordance with their responsibilities.

Radioactive substances
Information concerning radioactive material handling, transportation, disposal and high activity sealed sources

Environmental radioactivity
Monitoring of natural and artificial radioactivity in the environment.

The radon programme in Switzerland: measurement and mapping, building measures and regulations, training and communication.

Electromagnetic fields EMF
Mobile phones, cordless phones, electrical appliances, etc.: information and advice, research, risk management.

High sound levels represent a significant risk of long term damage to hearing. Risks, protection measures and regulations.

UV Radiation
Sun, solarium, UV-index: risks and protection

Medical laser, laser pointer, show laser:
risks and protection

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