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Bluetooth is a transmission technology which enables wireless data transfer between desktop computers and notebooks, PDAs, smartphones, printers, scanners, digital photo and video cameras as well as various electronic domestic appliances and personal devices.

Bluetooth devices are assigned to one of three power classes: 1, 2 and 3 (Table 1) and have correspondingly different transmission powers and transmission ranges.

 Table 1 Power Classes of Bluetooth Transmitters

Power ClassPeak Transmission Power (mW)Maximum Transmission Power (mW)Minimum Transmission Power (mW)Range (m)SAR Limit(W/kg)
310.8 100.01

The radiation emitted from Bluetooth devices of power classes 2 and 3 is weak and limited in range. Most of the Bluetooth applications used close to the body belong to one of these two power classes. In the transmission mode, Bluetooth transmitters of the most powerful class 1 can cause exposure to radiation similar to that emitted by smartphones/mobile phones if they are operated in the immediate vicinity of the body.

The radiation exposure caused by Bluetooth devices in all three power classes is below the international recommended levels. Effects on health from long-term exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields remain uncertain. However, short-term effects from high-frequency radiation from Bluetooth devices are not expected.

Bluetooth hands-free headsets to minimise radiation from mobile phones

In order to minimise radiation from mobile phones we recommend Bluetooth hands-free headsets of power classes 2 and 3. Instead of the smartphone/mobile phone, a Bluetooth transmitter that emits a far lower level of radiation is held to the ear during phone calls, thus reducing exposure of the head considerably.

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