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Precautionary matrix for synthetic nanomaterials

The precautionary matrix for synthetic nanomaterials is geared toward industry and trade. It was first published in 2008. A precautionary matrix is a method for assessing the nano-specific health and environmental risks of nanoproducts. The matrix is regularly revised based on experiences and new scientific knowledge.

The precautionary matrix enables the structured assessment of the “nano-specific need for precautions” when handling synthetic nanomaterials. The precautionary matrix is designed to help industry and trade comply with their due diligence and their duty to exercise self-control opposite employees, consumers and the environment.

Thus, potentially risky applications can be identified and precautionary measures initiated to protect people’s health and the environment. The matrix helps ensure safety in connection with the development of new products. It allows a preliminary risk assessment based on the current state of knowledge and indicates when further clarification is needed.

The precautionary matrix is upgraded in close cooperation with industry, science and trade as well as consumer and environmental organisations.

Info on new version 3.0
(November 2013)

Further information

Type: PDF
Guidelines on the Precautionary Matrix for Synthetic Nanomaterials
Last modification: 30.01.2014 | Size: 473 kb | Type: PDF

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Factsheet: Precautionary matrix for synthetic nanomaterials
Last modification: 06.11.2013 | Size: 167 kb | Type: PDF

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FAQs and Responses on the Precautionary Matrix
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Factsheet for the environment
Valid from 20.09.2011 | Size: 173 kb | Type: PDF

Last updated on: 06.11.2013

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