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EAN-Workshop 2016, First announcement


Industrial radiography (for non-destructive testing (NDT)) using gamma and X-ray sources is a long-established and widespread practice. A key radiation protection principle is optimisation, to ensure that the radiation exposure of radiography workers and other persons is As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

In 2001, in Rome, the 5th EAN Workshop specifically considered ALARA in industrial radiography. It was concluded that ALARA was not always being achieved, and improvements in radiography equipment, working procedures, training and safety culture were recommended.

Since then, industrial radiography has remained an area of concern in radiation protection, due to the levels of radiation exposure received and, in particular, the number and magnitude of accidental exposures. Consequently, EAN has decided to re-visit this topic.

The workshop will consist of presentations (oral and posters) intended to highlight the main issues, and a significant part of the program will be devoted to discussions within working groups.

More information about the workshop is provided on the following links:

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First annoucement 16th EAN Workshop
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Programme 16th EAN Workshop 2016
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